Kinetics Sequence

The Kinetics Sequence is a young adult science fiction fantasy series. Starting with a girl named Willow Patterson and a boy named Eugene Yoshida a new power will rise in the world filled with people capable of amazing abilities. These two kids will lead a new generation of people into the future. Wrought with war and uncertainty the Anyan’s Alliance and Isiroan Legion have battled for countless millennia, but their war is going to end at the hands of those who must inherit it.

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02 Front Cover Full Size OfficiaBook 1: 

Kinetics: In Search of Willow (Dec 2014)

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Eugene was only five years old when he burned his house down and nearly killed his mother. Fearing his powers were too volatile, his parents had the memories of his powers and their secret society of super humans erased.

Ten years later, that secret is revealed when a classmate goes crazy and makes Eugene’s whole school see their own nightmares. His classmate is only the beginning. His best friend Willow can heal all wounds, his father can turn invisible, and his brother can make things explode. Before Eugene can come to terms with having unusual abilities, Willow is kidnapped.

For thousands of years, Earth has been under siege by an alien named Isiro bent on enslaving the planet. Now, in need of a new host to carry his disembodied essence, Isiro has taken Willow. With no help from the Anyan’s Alliance and with powers he barely understands Eugene journeys across the States following her trail into the enemy base itself. He is determined to find her and find the answer to her kidnapping before she is turned into an alien host.

66219551_716128542143961_1233505480605696000_nBook 2: 

Forces: In Search of Power (Dec 2019)

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Eugene has traveled across the United States and nothing went as expected. Now he’s stuck in China with a mentor he never asked for. Learning his powers, the conflicts ahead of him, and who he is are more important than he knows. Willow has come out the other side but now she feels more alone than ever before. She’s a target, on the run, and trying to figure out what to do next. It’s only with the help of a new friend that she’ll be able to navigate new world opening before her. Harry, Jack, Roy, and Logan are off trying to find Laura but nothing is certain and they might be opening a can of worms they aren’t ready to handle. 

The war between the Anyan’s Alliance and Isiroan Legion is heating up and no one is prepared for what that means. There are forces at play in the world and Eugene, Willow, and the others are on paths to becoming part of a larger system. 

Book 3:

Entropy: In Search of Balance (Dec 2022)

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Home and uncertain of his place among the Alliance, Eugene has a whole set of new challenges ahead of him. Thrown in with a group of teens who are also Vunjikas he realizes that he may be their best hope.

Isiro, awake and aware, and the timeline now pushed up, Willow is on her way across the stars to return Isiro to his home planet and find out once and for all, do Isiro’s people still live, or did their ancient enemy destroy them? A battle of wills, planets, and ships is only the beginning.

Stuck on an island as prisoners to the Alliance, Harry, Jack, Roy, Logan and two unwelcome companions the boys are faced with a monumental task of figuring out how to escape with their lives and bodies intact. But the island is more than a prison, it’s also the source of a dark science that threatens to overwhelm not just the boys but the entire world.

Book 4:

Velocity: In Search of Eugene (2024)

Book 5:

Equilibrium: In Search of Peace (2025)

Planned spin-offs currently include:


A Kinetics Sequence Side Story
(Book 2.5) 

Lillian Blake is pretty sure she can fly. Lillian doesn’t think that’s weird, because everything in her small town is weird. Including the “power station” hidden deep in the forest. Miranda is an escapee from a hidden facility called the Institute for Telekinetic Research. Together they will dismantle secret.  


Short Stories detailing the origins or vital life events of specific or new characters from the Kinetics series.

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