Poem: Likemind

The sounds of your tongue and the sounds of mine were far apart and unaligned But emotion is a universal thing Across distance and time and I saw in your shaking handsThe sadness of a likemind.


I think I spent close to two of the three hours I spent writing today staring at the screen. It was productive staring but it was still staring. I'm sure every writer has a word for it or does it in their own way but the way that I refer to it is Constructing (plot... Continue Reading →

Journal Digest Dec 10th – 16th

Monday Dec 10thI ended up switching shifts with a coworker so instead of opening I closed. It was okay closing. I have a love hate relationship with how quiet and dull it gets when the store is slow. Though I have been feeling a bit introspective of late and the lulls in between the holiday... Continue Reading →


I was telling a friend the other day about my progress (and lack thereof) in losing weight and I came to realization that people have a reactionary response to the word “failure.” Every time I said to him “I failed at this I failed at that” he would respond with “don’t see it as a... Continue Reading →

Writing Schedule

I recently saw on Craig Alanson's website that he has a daily writing goal of 4000 words a day! Granted he works on writing full time so that's acceptable but still. I'm jealous!  I've got the idea that I want to think in terms of "everyday is NaNoWriMo" so I want to attempt to get... Continue Reading →

Poem: Lay it to rest

I've been laid bare, laid out, and laid off but I've never laid down, never given up, never let the world take me away.  I've got an axe to grind, a score to settle, and a bone to pick with you, but in the end I picked my grave, and the dust settled, and all... Continue Reading →

State of the Union

I got big plans, big dreams, big ideas. Hence the creation of a legit website. This site will be the focal point of my wide array of ideas. My thinking is that it's time to come out of the shell that I've been in and actually start making writing more central to my life. Which... Continue Reading →

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