Bounty of Love

Published the first of my Sci-fi Romance Short Novellas. I'm super stoked and can't wait to work on the next one. I'm writing under a pseudonym for this because I'd like to keep my YA work separate from more risque writing. 😀 Check it out! It's available on Kindle and I'm currently seeking an Audiobook... Continue Reading →

Creative Writing Class

I've begun working on my outline for a creative writing class. I'm vaguely apprehensive about it but I honestly do feel that the lessons that I've learned over the years are valuable ones and I really do want to pass them on to others. I'm aiming for a 8 week course through March and April.... Continue Reading →

Deep dive

A warning. This post delves deep into my psychological state. If you can’t handle open discussion of depression, feelings, and all the messy things then you might need to wait for the next one. Also it’s going to jump around a lot. I have a lot of thoughts that I’m trying to parse out. Depression... Continue Reading →

Poem: Contact

The day you came to my world I was afraid Like a child in a dark room The unknown everywhere I thought to hate you like they did even though You came to us on your knees hands up and afraid

A Forum

In my effort to move away from Facebook I've created a forum to serve as the source for my internet social and writing life. I hope to be able to gather like-minded people to discuss all the cool things about writing and everything in between. Eventually, if demand is there, I'll expand the forum for... Continue Reading →

Poem: Likemind

The sounds of your tongue and the sounds of mine were far apart and unaligned But emotion is a universal thing Across distance and time and I saw in your shaking handsThe sadness of a likemind.


I think I spent close to two of the three hours I spent writing today staring at the screen. It was productive staring but it was still staring. I'm sure every writer has a word for it or does it in their own way but the way that I refer to it is Constructing (plot... Continue Reading →

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