First Contact Annual Anthology

Submission Deadline: December 31st 2019 Genre: Science fiction | List of Subgenres Compensation: $5 - $15 per accepted submission I'm excited to announce that I am taking submissions for the first annual First Contact anthology. This anthology will seek to collect stories, poems, and other forms of work to discuss first contact with aliens. You... Continue Reading →

Patreon rewards!

Do you want read the first three chapters of Forces: In Search of Power before release? Between now and Dec 6., every Friday, I'll be posting a page or two in sequence from the beginning of Forces. $1 a month gets you in. By Dec 6. you'll have the first three chapters of Forces! Become... Continue Reading →

Podcast is coming

I'm still working on format, length, and a few other bits of minutiae, but I've decided to go ahead and begin work on a podcast where I discuss in general writing, storytelling, my own struggles and processes, possibly read bits of stories I'm working on. If I'm feeling squirrely I might even comment on storytelling... Continue Reading →

I made a Patreon

Become a Patron! I'm always nervous about asking for money, but unfortunately our wallets aren't as big as our dreams. A writing career is not an easy thing to set up, it's not as bite size as music, not as visual as art, but it's full of the same passion and heart. Patreon helps facilitate... Continue Reading →

Other Writing page is updated

So much face for just one person! [Image description, a collage of nine of my goofy faces. 😂 ] I've updated the Other Writings page to include all projects I'm working on. Of course I haven't added any release dates for anything because I'm a turd that can't stick to my own deadlines. So while... Continue Reading →

Kinetics Book 2!

Release date for Forces! I hope everyone is as ready as I am! I now have a release date for book 2 of the Kinetics Sequence! Preorder information will be available at the end of the month!

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