Arusha and the Dead Wolf

This is a Little Red Riding Hood/The Erlking mashup in SPAAACE. Working on some writing prompts during my quarantine to get the writing flowing. Arusha and the Dead Wolf by Arbor Winter Barrow Once upon a time, in a place so far away we have yet to see it, in an age so far we... Continue Reading →

Writing Vacation

I've managed to get the rough framework of Book 3 out. I've spent some countless hours on trying to pull the story out of my collected ideas and thoughts and I think the direction I'm going in is a good one. Time will tell if I can continue to coax the story together. The essential... Continue Reading →

It’s about Depression

I first met you on the playground of my youth, but I didn't know what you were. Between the swings and sand a promise hung in the air. A promise that we would meet on this makeshift battlefield every day of our lives. That first time you challenged me I went in ignorant of what you... Continue Reading →

Need some reading?

Forces is now available in both eBOOK and Paperback! On Amazon! My sci-fi romance novella is also available in eBook and audiobook on Audible and iTunes! On Amazon! On iTunes!

Full Cover reveal for book 2!

BOOK 2 WILL BE AVAILABLE FOR ORDERING ON DEC. 25th! Eugene has traveled across the United States and nothing went as expected. Now he’s stuck in China with a mentor he never asked for. Learning his powers, the conflicts ahead of him, and who he is are more important than he knows. Willow has come... Continue Reading →

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