It’s about Depression

I first met you on the playground of my youth, but I didn't know what you were. Between the swings and sand a promise hung in the air. A promise that we would meet on this makeshift battlefield every day of our lives. That first time you challenged me I went in ignorant of what you... Continue Reading →

Need some reading?

Forces is now available in both eBOOK and Paperback! On Amazon! My sci-fi romance novella is also available in eBook and audiobook on Audible and iTunes! On Amazon! On iTunes!

Full Cover reveal for book 2!

BOOK 2 WILL BE AVAILABLE FOR ORDERING ON DEC. 25th! Eugene has traveled across the United States and nothing went as expected. Now he’s stuck in China with a mentor he never asked for. Learning his powers, the conflicts ahead of him, and who he is are more important than he knows. Willow has come... Continue Reading →

Audiobook(s) update

One of my side projects is finally coming together. The narrator for Bounty of Love is done and now it's just going through final approval from ACX. I expect it will be available shortly. This is one of my short novelitas in the Love Between the Stars series which I am writing under the pseudonym... Continue Reading →

Short story Prompt: A Strange Proposition From A Stranger

From a prompt. Given by Victoria Clapton. A Strange Proposition from a Stranger ------------------------------------------------------------------------ “I’ll have you know I don’t normally show up to luncheons wearing designer sequins carrying a toolbox.” The woman wasn’t just wearing designer sequins and carrying a toolbox, her hair was frazzled and sticking about in all directions. There was definitely... Continue Reading →

NaNoWriMo: Vectors

I will be marginally participating in NaNo this year. I'm not signed up this year, or participating in any groups. I will however be keeping track of my word count and writing at every possible moment. Vectors already has a wordcount of around 12k so I'm ahead of the game so to speak. Hence why... Continue Reading →

Projects Update

Other than some little bits of minutiae Forces has all of its major editing components finished. I will be sending out ARCs soon! Thank you to my beta readers and to my editor! Release date is still on target. I'm so excited to get this into everyone's hands! The side story, Vectors, will be my... Continue Reading →

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