To outline or to not outline?

I have a very touch and go relationship with outlining. It's not something I always use and I like having the ability to jump into a project and just GO. It's not always possible to do that. Outlining is a good way of looking at things in the big picture using the small details as... Continue Reading →

Let’s meditate on that.

One of the things that I definitely don't like to do is wait for inspiration. Inspiration is good for putting down broad stroke ideas, but its not for the things that go between the ideas. That's why as a writer it's important to create some kind of writing plan, whether it's writing 20 minutes a... Continue Reading →

In six weeks…

In six weeks, I've seen myself more clearly than I have in years. I've faced demons and pushed them aside only to find old forgotten wounds. I've built new bridges and fixed old ones and let some be taken by the storm. I've tried to understand my responsibility within a difficult time and an acceptance... Continue Reading →

Creativity Within Crisis

There was this meme going around for minute, and you probably know the one. In part I want to address the ideas here and in part I want to add a drop in the bucket of ideas with my own. I've been stuck at home for a month now. 30 days in the same four... Continue Reading →

The Photograph

Another prompt short story. The challenge was to pick a photograph and write a story about it. Photo by Ansel Adams THE PHOTOGRAPH They’d climbed for days in spite of the warnings of their father and mother. They’d carried nothing but a backpack with food, a tent, some rope, and most importantly their camera. It... Continue Reading →

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