I made a Patreon

Become a Patron! I'm always nervous about asking for money, but unfortunately our wallets aren't as big as our dreams. A writing career is not an easy thing to set up, it's not as bite size as music, not as visual as art, but it's full of the same passion and heart. Patreon helps facilitate... Continue Reading →

Other Writing page is updated

So much face for just one person! [Image description, a collage of nine of my goofy faces. 😂 ] I've updated the Other Writings page to include all projects I'm working on. Of course I haven't added any release dates for anything because I'm a turd that can't stick to my own deadlines. So while... Continue Reading →

Kinetics Book 2!

Release date for Forces! I hope everyone is as ready as I am! I now have a release date for book 2 of the Kinetics Sequence! Preorder information will be available at the end of the month!

Bounty of Love

Published the first of my Sci-fi Romance Short Novellas. I'm super stoked and can't wait to work on the next one. I'm writing under a pseudonym for this because I'd like to keep my YA work separate from more risque writing. 😀 Check it out! It's available on Kindle and I'm currently seeking an Audiobook... Continue Reading →

Creative Writing Class

I've begun working on my outline for a creative writing class. I'm vaguely apprehensive about it but I honestly do feel that the lessons that I've learned over the years are valuable ones and I really do want to pass them on to others. I'm aiming for a 8 week course through March and April.... Continue Reading →

Deep dive

A warning. This post delves deep into my psychological state. If you can’t handle open discussion of depression, feelings, and all the messy things then you might need to wait for the next one. Also it’s going to jump around a lot. I have a lot of thoughts that I’m trying to parse out. Depression... Continue Reading →

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