December Birthday Vacation

I've spent the better part of three whole days goofing around, playing, and having a grand ol' time. My birthdays have been a growing joy over the years, keeping it simple with a small group of friends, a movie outing, and hanging out with a good meal. I recently added in escape games to my... Continue Reading →

IDK Newsletter I guess

 Hello friends, I've been thinking for a while about having a newsletter. It seems a good way of reaching people and waxing poetic about things but the problem I run into is that I don't see a lot of what I do in the background of life as newsworthy.  I'm also not a content creator.... Continue Reading →

Arbor’s Shorty Stories

Over the past week I've been uploading my short stories to Kindle. For the most part, all them of them will be $1.50 with a few exceptions. You can find all them on the series page for Arbor's Shorty Stories. I had way too much fun making kindle covers for them and here they are!

Movie Review: The Lost City

3/5 + 💿 (Rating criteria at bottom) This review may contain spoilers Movie Content Advisory: Channing Tatum butt, a headshot with brains. Very Stupid, and I Loved Every Minute of It Weirdly enough when these kinds of movies come out I'm kinda hem and haw about them and usually, they are what I expect. This one... Continue Reading →

Movie Review: The Northman

3/5 (Rating criteria at bottom) This review may contain spoilers Movie Content Advisory: Blood, gore, lots of animal death. It's Scandanavian Hamlet. The Northman was a very cool experience. I applaud the crew behind the visual look and visual storytelling. Seeing this movie felt a lot like experiencing an old fable where you know how... Continue Reading →

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