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The Love Between the Stars series is an experiment. The main purpose of the stories is to tell the kind of romance stories I want to read, the secondary is to develop larger ideas on a small scale. Each novella is a stepping stone to a larger science fiction universe including threads and hints to story that is in its infancy of ideas.

The stories are written under the pseudonym Willow Walker and include adult themes.


Bounty of Love: A Love Between the Stars Story | 2019 | Amazon | Audible

Dark Matter of the Heart: A Love Between the Stars Story | Being written | 2020 | Currently Patreon content

Love at First Satellite: A Love Between the Stars Story (Written under the name Willow Walker) | Plotting, planning, sandboxing | 2020

A Match Made in Orbit: A Love Between the Stars Story| Plotting, planning, sandboxing | ???

The Aphelion of My Eye: A Love Between the Stars Story | Plotting, planning, sandboxing | ???


ItMotBIn The Mind of the Beholder | Being written 

Redfang Saga | Plotting, planning, sandboxing

Untitled Fairytale Retellings | Plotting, planning, sandboxing


short stories



Vampires of Light | 2018 |Available in The Mckay’s Halloween Anthology

A Strange Proposition from a Stranger: Based off a prompt | 2019 | On Website

Arusha and the Dead Wolf: A Rewritten Fairytale | 2020 | On Website

The Photograph | 2020 | On Website


VDoH (1)

Victory, Death or Hope | First draft complete | ??

Hedge | Being written | ??





Poem: Halls of the Sphinx | Available in The Mckay’s Halloween Anthology

Poem: Lay it to rest

Poem: Contact (First Contact Series)

Poem: Likemind (First Contact Series)


Untitled Space Rock Opera | Partially written, sandboxing

Nonfiction Movie Analysis | Researching, writing

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