Kinetics Cast

Images of the characters in Kinetics, currently only through Book 1. Made using the website ArtBreeder. For fun only and not meant to represent anyone real.

Name: Eugene Yoshida
Power: Pyrokinesis
Name: Willow Patterson
Power: Healing
Name: Harry Gleeson
Power: Aquakinesis
Name: Marcus Grey
Power: Pyrokinesis
Name: Laura Jordan
Power: Inflict Nightmare (combine power)
Name: Logan Jordan
Power: Florakinesis
Name: Jack Ashwater (Reddinger)
Power: Sense Intent (Combine Power)
Name: Roy Whetherstone
Power: Lingua
Name: Jacob Yoshida
Power: Combustion
Name: Nick Scott
Power: Clairvoyance
Name: Miriam Lancaster
Power: Invisibility
Name: Joseph Carmichael
Power: Mind Control
Name: George Lancaster (Isiro)
Power: Unknown
Name: Timothy Frank
Power: Mirror
Name: Ben Ashwater
Power: Omnikinetic
Name: Kouric Ashwater
Power: Mechanical
Name: Sarasvati
Power: She’s an AI
Name: Krino (Matthew Grey)
Power: Unknown

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