Movie Thoughts: I Kill Giants (2017)

Movie Title: I Kill Giants

Age Rating: PG-13 probably

My thoughts:

Recently picked this movie up on a whim. Other than the information on the back of the blu-ray case I had no expectations going in. This will be a mostly spoiler free review.

Other than a few pacing issues I really liked it. I think it’s one of those movies that you can tell it was a passion project. I absolutely loved the dialogue and the main character Barbara was a fire brand personality. I always appreciate those movies that really put women’s issues first without bogging it down with heavy handed “WE’RE TALKING ABOUT WOMEN’S ISSUES” declarations.

As storytellers we are past the point of needing to shout that from the rooftops, instead it’s more important than ever to tell those stories in subtle and beautiful ways.

“I Kill Giants” is one of those movies that leaves a handful of very important things up to interpretation, which I like, because it leaves the story with a feeling of mystery and something to think about after the movie is over.

I also really liked how the cast of characters around Barbara were all these multifaceted aspects of womanhood and expectations. Barbara plows through her world unapologetically and the women and girls around her are caught in the wake trying to understand her “weirdness and complexity.”

While wrapped in fantasy, the movie deals with very real issues of a girl dealing with her family and school situation.

Also, this girl’s last name is Thorson and she has a Hammer for an ultimate weapon.

My thoughts (i.e. my personal rating): Would happily watch again! This blu-ray is a keeper.

A note about my rating of the film: I don’t put things in a five star bracket or any kind of bracket. I think about movies in terms of if I’ll watch them again, willingly or not, or if I’ll wear out my Blu-Ray player watching over and over again. Not super scientific but hey move of an artistic medium isn’t supposed to be. 😀

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