Writing Schedule

I recently saw on Craig Alanson’s website that he has a daily writing goal of 4000 words a day! Granted he works on writing full time so that’s acceptable but still. I’m jealous! 

I’ve got the idea that I want to think in terms of “everyday is NaNoWriMo” so I want to attempt to get myself to write at least 10,000 words a week if not more. Some days will be better for writing than others. I’m thinking that the following will be a good word count schedule. The 3000 word count days are my days off.  Going to spend now through next week testing this out to see if I like it.

Monday – 2000 words

Tues – 1000 words

Wednesday – 3000 words

Thursday – 1000 words

Friday – 1000 words

Saturday – 1000 words

Sunday – 3000 words

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