Searching for a narrator for Kinetics

In search of a narrator! If you are interested then here’s what I’m looking for and here’s the book you would be recording for.

THIS IS A PAID GIG. Payment is $50 per finished hour. The book is expected to be around 11.5 hours long (per ACX estimates) and therefore you can expect a payment of $600 upon completion of the project.

If you would like to read the book before deciding if you want to record please let me know and I’ll happily send you a PDF copy of the book or it can be purchased on Amazon in physical of eBook form.

You must be able to adhere to the recording standards of ACX/Audible. Found here. You must have access to your own audio and recording equipment and it must sound good. I will reject anything that sounds like it’s coming out of a tin can regardless of your ability.

I need a male or teen male sounding voice. You don’t have to be male to make this work! Main character is a 15-year-old boy of Japanese descent. POC actors would be ideal but not a deal breaker.

Please record and read the following if you are interested and then email it to me. If you have any difficulties or need clarification on anything please ask. I’m really easy to work with. EMAIL FORM AT BOTTOM OF THIS PAGE.


I have a diverse cast which in the book includes a lot of accents foreign and otherwise, you don’t need to have the ability to create that set of accents but I would like to see the ability to differentiate between the primary characters. This is a science-fiction/fantasy universe. There are going to be weird, hard to pronounce names but I can and will work with you to make sure they are said to the greatest accuracy.

Eugene the main character is on a long and arduous character journey and therefore starts out a little like a whiny stupid kid. He gets better I promise but you might not see it until book 2. His companion for the book is a kid named Harry and they are following the trail of Willow. Apparently a hang up with previous narrators who have tried to work on this with me is that Harry comes out as gay to Eugene fairly early on and guess what, it’s not a big deal. This book and series that I’m creating deals a lot with dispelling toxic ideas of masculinity, lets its male characters feel their feelings, and is building the framework for positive male role models through a constructive lens. If you have difficulty dealing with male emotions on a up-close and personal stage you might not want this project.


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