Writing Vacation

I’ve managed to get the rough framework of Book 3 out. I’ve spent some countless hours on trying to pull the story out of my collected ideas and thoughts and I think the direction I’m going in is a good one. Time will tell if I can continue to coax the story together.

The essential ideas and themes that I’m chasing for book 3 are very clear, unlike when I was at this point with books 1 and 2. There does feel like something is missing, and I’m not sure what that is. However I’m not worried about it. I plan on having a bunch more time devoted to pulling the story together in the very near future but I think for a moment I need to let it breathe. So for the moment I’ve moved on to working on a couple short stories and I hope to have those finished within the next couple months.

My writing vacation has been a two-fold success. I got a lot of the messy ground work for book 3 out of the way and I also got out and refreshed my mind a little. One of the most important things I’ve realized over the past couple years is that I do need time away from work and the normal routine of life. I don’t think I realized just how burned out I was until I got to my destination in Colorado. I’m one of those people that just goes and goes and goes. That’s not totally sustainable for anyone, especially me when I’m trying to write a billion books.

Taking time away to reset my brain is super important, and I think, even if I’m not planning on turning it into a writing vacation, taking a week off from work twice a year will be super important. I’m not going to bend on it, because the more I learn about how I operate and what my needs are the more I’ll be able to effectively write my stories.

Stay tuned as always! I’ve got more nonsense up my sleeve this year.

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