Patreon content (Vectors and Dark Matter of the Heart) and this blog in general.

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I’ve been trying to mentally deal with a lot of the stuff happening in the world and in our country. It’s hard to figure out how to contextualize writing stories in the midst of a global pandemic, world wide protests, and what my role in all of it should be now and in the future.

I’ve made a lot of personal choices in the past and now as the world changes and fluxes around us to effect my writing in the future. The thing I want to keep in mind is to not let the stress of the world keep me from writing. Learning is important, strength in the face of extreme adversity is often difficult to find. My mission in life has always to understand the world through stories and, by proxy, writing. In the coming months I have to understand the path I’m on as a writer and as a member of American society.

I will be using my platform to discover through active learning (writing posts about white supremacy and privilege so I can learn as much as possible) and in the mean time I will still be posting at least two things a month on my Patreon.

I am now posting a chapter or two a month of my next romance novella Book 1 here and at least one chapter of my first Kinetics side story Vectors.

Join me on Patreon! I’m more excited than ever about the stuff I’m working on and I hope you’ll all stick with me on the ride.

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