Movie Review: Morbius (2022)

2/5 (Rating criteria at bottom)

This review my contain spoilers

Movie Content Advisory: LOTS OF BLOOD.

In one word: uninspired.

I can’t say I was surprised by this movie. Sony has had a very specific thing they have been going for and so far, in spite of all the common sense I feel should be a given with a big studio, they keep running the same story over and over.

Origin stories are just… old. I think Marvel/Disney perfected the origin story of superheroes, so Sony continuing to beat the same dead horse over and over again with what feels like the same tired script just feels like a torture fest. I don’t know who they are getting to produce these things but for all the enjoyment I get out of them, including the two Venom movies, the stories don’t feel like they are written by someone who is passionate or much cares for the people these stories are about. I feel like they are following a formula and not a good one at that.

I did genuinely enjoy parts of Morbius, the middle felt the most put together part of the movie but the end and the beginning felt like they were barely out of first draft, which is unfortunate. For a studio intent on making more movies in this IP, these have felt like cheap cash grabs, whereas with Marvel/Disney, have obviously been cash grabs but with people in charge who know how to write a script, a character arc, and organize a score around the movie.

Beyond the story, the graphics were great, the acting out of Jared Leto and Matt Smith were great, and the action and fight sequences in the middle were cool. I feel kinda meh about the whole movie, but I think I could stand to watch it again. Sometimes with a couple watches I can find plenty of redeeming things in a movie. I generally prefer to talk about the things I really liked in movies, but other than some cool graphics and a couple thrilling fight sequences this movie really doesn’t have a lot going for it.

I wish Sony would have given me more reason to care about Michael Morbius and his sudden vampire state, because I think Jared Leto really sold the character as much as he could. Matt Smith also makes a great villain. I could go for more villain Matt Smith. The two end credit scenes felt forced, if that makes sense? I know they are trying to do their own multiverse thing but man, they are really not doing themselves any favors with those end credit scenes.

Movie scores are really an important part of the movie experience for me and a poorly produced score can sometimes make or break a film that’s already teetering on the edge of questionable quality. There were only a few times where I felt like the score really stood out and only a few times where the score was poorly added in. One of the things that annoys the heck out of me is when the score is playing when there should be silence. A good movie understands the value of silence during certain scenes. For the most part this score was well done, I feel like if I go see it again I will probably try to pay more attention to the sound of the score in the background.

Rewatching the trailer (below) I feel like they sold me a different movie than what I got. I mean the point of a trailer is to give you a feel and idea about the movie and hopefully not spoil it so it shocks me that Matt Smith isn’t even in this. But the trailer feels like it’s selling a crisis of conscious and not a “I’mma battle this guy who also has my same powers” like that would be interesting if they really explored that but it falls out of the formula that Sony appears to want to stick to.

One way or another, just another mediocre popcorn movie, fun but with little substance. Take it or leave it my friends.

Rating criteria

0 – Refuse to watch again

1 – Might watch again (under duress)

2 – I could stand to see it again (neither here nor there about it)

3 – I would be happy to watch it again! Might even seek it out on purpose.

4 – I will watch it again, multiple times, before the year is out.

5 – I will watch it multiple times and attempt to coerce my friends (and random strangers) into seeing it too.

💿 if I plan to buy the physical media.

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