Which power would you pick?

In Kinetics there is a diverse set of powers.

If you could have a power, which one would you pick?

All Kinetics are born with two powers TELEPATHY and then one of the below powers is the secondary power.

Some Kinetics are born with three powers. That tertiary power is usually much weaker than the secondary power.

Some Kinetics are a Combine Kinetic where their secondary power is an amalgamation of two of the below powers. They are not distinct powers but a single power with traits from two powers.


These are powers that are effect the physical world or
other physical bodies including the self.

Alter: Transforms any inanimate object into another object

Teleport: Teleports the wielder and anything he or she wishes to a specified location.

Telekinesis: Gives the wielder the ability to move and manipulate physical objects.

Transform: Changes the form ofthe wielderto another human or animal.

Healing: Heals wounds, highly advanced Healers can occasionally heal or cure various ailments, but the ability to do so is beyond many wielders proficiency.

Invisibility: Turns an object or the wielder invisible via reflective light.

Fission: Obliterates an object. Effect is like an atomic bomb on a significantly smaller scale.

SolidShifter: Allows wielder to become part of a physical object, chameleon-like, but the effect is that the person is separating the molecules in their body to enter another object.

Acoustikinesis: Wielder can manipulate sound waves.

Breather: ability to breath in any environment, gaseous or liquid.


These are powers that effect the mind or the minds of others

Mind Control: Gives the wielderthe ability to control and enter another’s mind.

MindRead: Gives the abilityto read only the mind.

Mirror: Mirrors an opponent’s power.

Sensory Sphere: Kinetic radar or sonar Illusionary: Allows wielder to create illusions.

Clairvoyance: Ability to locate anyone Tracer/tracker: Ability to read or trace another wielders power signature.

Timer: Abilitytomanipulate a person orpersons’ perception of time.

Altermind: Wielderhas the ability to see through the eyes of another person or animal.

Lingua: Ability to understand and speak any language


These are powers that based on the classical elements.

Pyrokinesis: Ability to manipulate and create fire.

Electrokinesis: Ability to create and manipulate electrical currents

Aquakinesis: Allows wielder to create and manipulate water.

Terrakinesis: Ability to manipulate the earth and minerals.

Florakinesis: Ability to rapidly generate plants and to manipulate them.

Ayrkinesis: Ability to manipulate air molecules.


These are powers that are rumored or recorded but not common.

Mechanical: Allows wielder to control and manipulate machinery

Animality: Rare power. Wielder can communicate with animals, wielder is usually feral or almost feral.

Spiritor: Ability to encase other metaphysical things into other objects. Only known wielder of this is Anyan.

Omnikinetic: The wielder has the ability to learn all powers with little to no difficulty. Unlike Mirror,the effect is permanent. Only known wielder is Ben Ashwater.

Wallwalker: Ability to climb any physical object.

Weather wielder: A combine power that allows the wielder to control small pockets of the weather. This is a possible combine power and a mix of powers between Air and Water

Temporalkinetic: Ability to manipulate pockets time.

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