Movie Review: Everything Everywhere All at Once

5/5 + 💿 (Rating criteria at bottom)

This review my contain spoilers

Movie Content Advisory: Blood, family drama, sex toys.

The Perfect Movie Doesn’t Exist, and Yet, Here It Is.

I’ve been struggling to articulate my feelings about this movie. Not because there was anything bad but because there was so much good. It’s a rare day to see a movie that is so fully realized, so in tune with its message and ideas and to have it executed to near perfection.

I loved it. I loved this movie so very much and I’m genuinely having a hard time wrapping my mind around it. I’m so glad that a studio like A24 exists because it appears from all the movies that I’ve seen out of that studio that they are letting their creators create. No matter how zany, or strange, or out of left field things are they are trusting in the ideas and stories of their people and it genuinely feels like a movie renaissance.

To have a movie like Everything Everywhere All At Once come along it’s clear from just one movie that they got it. It’s an instant classic, and that’s not a phrase that I use lightly. The story and struggle and growth of the characters in this movie are so profound. The emotional payoff is perfect.

Movie tastes are so wide ranged that I can see some people not getting this movie, and that’s fine, they can be wrong in their opinion. No, I’m just kidding, there are some things that wont make a lot of sense and for the more literal minded people out there it might not click very well, and that’s okay. It doesn’t have to be everyone’s perfect movie, but holy hotdog hands, Batman, this one is right up there on the top of my list.

Other things of note that really wow’d me were the costumes, the fight scenes, the background tunes, the sheer epic level fighting of Michelle Yeoh, and the set pieces for the entire movie.

I highly recommend you go see this if you can, it will no disappoint and if it did, that’s okay, I’m sure there’s another universe out there where you did enjoy it!

Rating criteria

0 – Refuse to watch again

1 – Might watch again (under duress)

2 – I could stand to see it again (neither here nor there about it)

3 – I would be happy to watch it again! Might even seek it out on purpose.

4 – I will watch it again, multiple times, before the year is out.

5 – I will watch it multiple times and attempt to coerce my friends (and random strangers) into seeing it too.

+ 💿 if I plan to buy the physical media.

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