Movie Review: The Lost City

3/5 + 💿 (Rating criteria at bottom)

This review may contain spoilers

Movie Content Advisory: Channing Tatum butt, a headshot with brains.

Very Stupid, and I Loved Every Minute of It

Weirdly enough when these kinds of movies come out I’m kinda hem and haw about them and usually, they are what I expect. This one was about as predictable as the rest but it was genuinely funny while it did it.

It actually reminded me a lot of the ye olde classic Romancing the Stone, and I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if they took a lot of their cues from that movie, but obviously updated for modern audiences.

Channing Tatum, Sandra Bullock, Daniel Radcliffe and a brief appearance by Brad Pitt made this cast one of the most fun movie experiences of the week. I really want to ask Daniel Radcliffe if he has more fun as the villain or the hero, because based on his acting in this movie, I bet he has a whole lot more fun being the villain! I loved seeing Sandra Bullock back in center stage, she was an icon of my younger years and I’m so pleased she hasn’t lost any of her charm as an actress. Channing Tatum had a fun role in this movie as a very not-toxic image of masculinity. He wasn’t just a pretty face, even though he was obviously a city kid in the jungle, and I am really pleased his character had so much heart to him.

Considering that I saw this just days after seeing Everything Everywhere All At Once, I was having no less fun than if I hadn’t seen anything else at all. I was kinda glad I was one of two people in the theater because my genuine laughter was loud and maybe a bit obnoxious.

I don’t think I’ve had this much fun with a comedy/romance flick in the theater since Bridesmaids! It was tropey, silly, and watched like a romance novel come to life, which was very apropos.

I don’t have any real complaints about the movie, it was what it was, and I’m pretty pleased to add it to the list of comedy movies to watch when I need a pick me up.

Rating criteria

0 – Refuse to watch again

1 – Might watch again (under duress)

2 – I could stand to see it again (neither here nor there about it)

3 – I would be happy to watch it again! Might even seek it out on purpose.

4 – I will watch it again, multiple times, before the year is out.

5 – I will watch it multiple times and attempt to coerce my friends (and random strangers) into seeing it too.

+ 💿 if I plan to buy the physical media.

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