IDK Newsletter I guess

 Hello friends,

I’ve been thinking for a while about having a newsletter. It seems a good way of reaching people and waxing poetic about things but the problem I run into is that I don’t see a lot of what I do in the background of life as newsworthy. 

I’m also not a content creator. Most of the internet media we see these days is made by people who call themselves content creators, their “job” is to create content that keeps up with the pace and short attention span of internet citizens. I create things, I create stuff, but in terms of the internet I don’t create “content.” 

It can take me weeks to come up with a new idea or a new thing to have “content” about and I can be a silly person at times but I feel like I want to make stuff that is not only meaningful to you all but also meaningful to me. So instead of being a content creator, I guess I’m a meaningful creator? Which I can already tell is a misnomer because the people I get entertainment by on Instagram, etcetera are probably creating things that are meaningful to themselves and the people who watch them. The problem is, is that I see people burn out quickly by trying to keep up with what’s currently popular content. It’s not sustainable for those of us who work at a pace of molasses moving across gravel at a slight angle. So, you know, different strokes for different folks. 

I want to entertain people with my stories but the stories I write take time to make. Entropy (book 3) is effectively done and just needs a few tweaks and the cover to be made. I’ve got about a dozen other ideas not related to Kinetics that are currently in sandbox mode but I try to not talk about those ones too much for fear of promising something I can’t deliver (or deliver quickly).

I also work 40 hours a week at a job that can add a tremendous amount of stress over the summer and when I get home I just want to turn my brain off and I highly doubt people want a weekly bunch of posts from me where I say “hey guys, I’m sitting here watching a K-Drama and eating pizza for dinner for the fifth week in a row and I haven’t opened Word in four! yay! 😭”

Unless you do want those at which point I will readjust my expectations. Or maybe I can find something in the middle. Either way, I’m not sure what else going on in my life would be interesting. 

In terms of a regular newsletter, I won’t promise anything, but I will try to get something out to you all at least once a month. I’ve thought about a handful of things I could do when nothing newsworthy is going on and we’ll see how those things pan out. 

Thanks for reading!  

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